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BCR Board of Directors Application

Thank you for your interest in serving as a member of our non-profit Board of Directors.

Serving on the board is a rewarding experience and an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Completing this form will help you understand the skills and time/resource commitments needed for this leadership position. You may also find it helpful to read through the entire application and Board Member Responsibilities before you begin filling it out.


  1. Serve a minimum of one (1) two-year term on the board and if mutually desired, be eligible to serve additional two (2) two-year terms if re-elected.
  2. Attend a minimum of two (2) fundraiser events, the annual meeting in February, and combination of eight (8) board meetings yearly (full  board meetings or committee meetings). The Full Board of Directors meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  3. Make a serious commitment to participate actively in BCR committee/board work. The board is a working board where each director works on or chairs a committee.
  4. Stay informed about committee/board matters, be prepared for meetings, and participate in reviewing minutes and reports.
  5. Build a collegial working relationship with other committee/board members.
  6. Participate in the committee/board's annual evaluation and planning efforts.
  7. Participate in the advancement of the strategic plan of BCR, including fundraising and board member recruitment.
  8. Attend board member training either in person or on-line.


Our mission is to support community inclusion while providing excellent services to persons with developmental disabilities with the community’s support. By putting the person first, the person can achieve their goals to have an enhanced quality of life.


Bridging Community Resources Community Integrated Program is designed to improve quality of life by assisting and supporting a diverse group of individuals with diagnosed intellectual/developmental disabilities. Our program aims to change the person’s narrative and foster independence through community integration training and traditional group models. These resources will be used to strengthen awareness of personal hygiene and health practices, including nutrition, physical fitness, self-advocacy, safety, and emergency procedures.


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Which of your skills would you like to utilize on the board?  Check those that apply:


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What would you like to accomplish for yourself by participating on the Board? (e.g. what types of experiences, development of new skills, cultivation of new interests, etc. do you desire?):



If you are not selected as a member of the board at this time, or decide not to join, would you still be willing to volunteer to assist our organization in various ways that match your skills and interests?:  




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Signed On: May 2, 2022

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